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Reiki for Sensitive Children

 What if the new generation of children are here to help us experience and perceive the world in a different way? 


Energetically sensitive, these children (sometimes called Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children) can access their intuition and creative intelligence at a very deep level. They often have gifts in certain areas of life and may not fit into the regular model of schooling or other programming. Our ability to perceive them as a whole, without forcing them to “fit in” and/or be perfect, is key in helping them grow healthily and express themselves to their fullest.

This does not mean turning away from traditional psychology and medicine but rather expanding and deepening our appreciation for their differences. The new children's intense energy, although challenging at times, carries great potential. It serves a high purpose - leading the world towards integration, into a higher dimensional consciousness, one that supports harmony and compassion.

The time has also come to support the new children for who they truly are, help them better manage their rich spiritual and emotional life and nurture their skills so that they can bring their gifts into the world with more ease, success, harmony and recognition.

Viewing the new children through the prism of energy is key to best understand and support them as it focuses on the roots, versus the symptoms, and the core: the soul.

As a parent, energy practitioner and parent coach, my work involves:

 • Educating parents and the community about the new children, who they are, their strengths, challenges and mission. Coach families through the process of identification and development of strategies that work best for them. Guide parents to support themselves and their children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through energy work and breathing exercises.

 • Supporting the new children in their mission. Help them understand who they truly are. Teach them how to regulate themselves and best manage their sensitive energy so that they can bring their gifts into the world with more ease, success and harmony.

When the new children feel fully supported, they are more open to learn life skills that do not come naturally, understand and manage their energy to function more easily in the world, how to balance their intuition with reason, find meaning in life, and create the foundation of their own wellness and success.

Please check my page "Reiki for Special Needs Children" for more information about the benefits of energy work, as well as the importance to learn Reiki for yourself, your child and family. Reiki is easy to learn. Children, like adults, can learn it too. 

When we become clear and calm within ourselves, we can better support ourselves, our children and those we care for. Children respond to OUR energy: a calmer parent creates a calmer environment and a calmer child. When we align to ourselves we can better support our children.