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Reiki in Cancer Care
For patients undergoing treatment for cancer, and their families, the stress can be overwhelming. Finding tools that help them feel better is invaluable. Reiki is one of them.
Reiki is increasingly being used at any stage to supplement the traditional treatment services for cancer, such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.
Reiki offers patients ways to enhance the quality of their lives, minimize or reduce side effects of cancer and cancer treatment, promote healing and inner-peace. 
Reiki sessions are balancing and nurturing. They create a space to slow down. Reiki can help to:
- Feel deeply relaxed
- Relieve emotional stress and tension
- Speed-up recovery after surgery
- Improve overall balance and well-being
- Gain a clearer mind and stronger sense of self
- Find peace and tranquility
Some people reported they "feel better" after using complementary therapies such as Reiki. Reiki creates an opportunity for patients to restore inner harmony and a sense of connection with their inner selves that might seem lost during the whirlwind of cancer treatment. It is not uncommon to hear people say, "I feel like myself again". 
Some people also say that Reiki has helped them to control side effects of their cancer treatment such as:
- Pain
- Anxiety
- Sickness
More people find that, overall, Reiki sessions are very calming and nurturing, and help them cope better. 
I worked as a Reiki volunteer at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital (Illinois) as well as at the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook (Illinois) for a few years and am available to answer any questions you might have about Reiki in cancer care. Please feel free to contact me. 
LEARN REIKI: Reiki is available and can be used by everyone. You can learn how to use it for yourself and your family. It just requires learning the technique and receiving the attunement, which is part of a Reiki level 1 class. 
"There is a pattern to the personality of long-term survivors. They demonstrate action, wisdom, and devotion in their response to cancer and seek personal empowerment." Bernie Siegel, M.D., best-selling author of Love, Medicine & Miracles, Faith, Hope & Healing and Help Me to Heal
It is important to remember that while Reiki may help patients cope with symptoms or side effects, it is not able to treat cancer.
It is safe to have Reiki alongside cancer treatment. It is also important to keep doctors informed about any complementary therapy, alternative therapy or diet supplement that is used since they need to always have the full picture about the patient's care and treatment. (Source: University Of Pensylvania Health System)
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Our lives fell apart when my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. The fear and anxiety that comes with such a diagnosis is overwhelming. My daughter was having trouble sleeping and was plagued with suicidal thoughts. Then we met Veronique and our lives totally turned around in a very unexpected manner.Veronique has a gift that has brought such inner peace and tranquility to my daughter. There is no pain more unbearable to a parent than that brought by a suffering child.  Veronique has given my child the tools to be able to continue and flourish while undergoing her treatments.I will be forever grateful. I would strongly recommend using her services to anyone undergoing any type of cancer treatments. Gail, Chicago, IL, 2013.