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What is Crystal Healing?


What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine that employs gemstones and crystals as healing tools. It is a method of transmuting, clearing and releasing energy as well as balancing the chakras, transforming emotional resonating light and healing into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.


How does it work?

During a crystal healing session, the practitioner places crystals and/or gemstones on the vital centers of the body, often corresponding to the body energy centers, the chakras - or places them around the body to construct an "energy field". As soon as placed, the crystals and gemstones rapidly generate and reflect energy forces that infuse the aura with light, clearing and healing.

As the light, color frequency, energy and radiance of crystals and gemstones are infiltrated into the aura, the shadows of doubts are cleared from the mind, the bonds of fear are dissolved from the heart, and the body is then free to manifest a state of harmony. With the aura opened and clear, the chakra centers are activated and conscious contact with the deepest, purest aspects of the self can be made. As the vibrational frequency of the aura raises, whatever mental, emotional, or subconscious energies are vibrating at a lower frequency will surface into the mind and heart to be released, and transformed. (Crystal Healing, Volume 2, by K. Raphaell)

Reiki can be used during a crystal healing session. The color, light and geometric structure of the crystals beautifully fuse and resonate with Reiki and our energy centers. 


Benefits of Crystal Healing

Grounding, feeling centered and strong 


Physical, mental and emotional well-being

Speeding-up of healing process 


Deep clearing of tissues

Unblocking of stagnant energy patterns

State of peace and harmony 



Crystal Grids for Continuous Healing and Goals Manifestation

A crystal grid is a way to arrange and link crystals and/or gemstones in a geometric pattern to create an energy field.

Crystal grids are created to support any intention, healing work or desired goal (work, personal project, relationships, etc.), in the past, present or future, on a continuous basis. They can be used to complement a healing session by maintaining its workings continuously over a certain period of time.

A grid can be used for simple goals such as enhancing self-esteem, building trust, bringing peace and harmony whether in a place or an event, maintaining joy through a special time, bringing success in a new venture, unblocking a situation, bringing love into a relationship, protecting against an unhealthy relationship or situation, soothing during a period of loss or grief, bringing focus and/or creativity during a period of study or exams, sustaining healing after/through therapy, etc., or for something more elaborate such as world healing. There are many combinations which crucially depend on one's intention for the grid. Some intentions may relate to:

Prosperity & abundance



Protection and shielding 

Love and relationships 

World Peace

Creativity and goal manifestation

Chakra Balancing 

Serenity & harmony 

Spiritual growth 

Grief, loss, disconnect 

Distance Healing  


2014 World Peace Reiki Crystal Grid for France


Like Reiki, crystal healing, is not to be used as a substitute for medical care. They are to complement professional medical/psychological care. Always check with your physician.